Thursday, 16 October 2014

Today's news - job openings and call for paper

Today’s news includes the possibility to apply for a fellowship at the Margo Tytus Visiting Scholars Program at the University of Cincinnati, deadline January 15th, 2015, and the possibility to apply for a PhD or postdoc position at OIKOS, the National Research School in Classical Studies in the Netherlands, deadline end of October 2014.
Our colleagues in Gothenburg have issued a call for papers for a conference on healthcare in Antiquity, in May next year. Deadline October 31st 2014.

See below for further information!

Department of Classics


The University of Cincinnati Classics Department is pleased to announce the Margo Tytus Visiting Scholars Program.  Tytus Fellows, in the fields of philology, history and archaeology  will ordinarily  be at least 5 years beyond receipt of the Ph. D. Apart from residence in Cincinnati during term, the only obligation of Tytus Fellows is to pursue their own research.   Fellowships are tenable  during the regular academic year (September to April).

There are two categories of Tytus Fellowships,  long-term and short-term.
Long Term Fellows will come to Cincinnati for a minimum of one semester and a maximum of two during the regular academic year.  They will receive  a monthly stipend of $1500 plus housing and a transportation allowance of $1500.
Short  Term Fellows will come to Cincinnati for a  minimum of one month and a maximum of two  months during the regular academic year.  They will also receive a monthly stipend of $1500 plus  housing  and a transportation allowance of $1500.
Both Long Term and Short  Term Fellows  will also receive office space and enjoy the use of the University of Cincinnati and Hebrew Union College Libraries.  While at Cincinnati Tytus Fellows will be free to pursue their own research.

The University of Cincinnati Burnam Classics Library is one of the world's premier collections in the field of Classical Studies (  Comprising  270,000 volumes, the library covers all aspects of the Classics: the languages and literatures, history, civilization, art, and archaeology.  Of special value for scholars is both the richness of the collection and its accessibility -- almost any avenue of research in the classics can be pursued deeply and broadly under a single roof.  The unusually comprehensive core collection, which is maintained by three professional classicist librarians, is augmented by several special collections such as 15,000 nineteenth century German Programmschriften, extensive holdings in Palaeography,   Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies.   At neighboring Hebrew Union College, the Klau  Library, with holdings  in excess of 470,000 volumes, is rich in Judaica  and Near Eastern Studies.

Application Deadline:  January  15.

A description of the Tytus Program and an application form is available online at Questions can be directed to Prof. Getzel M. Cohen (

Anchoring Innovation is the new research agenda of OIKOS, the National Research School in Classical Studies in the Netherlands. This agenda was developed with the financial support of Leiden University, Radboud University Nijmegen, University of Amsterdam and University of Groningen. It looks at innovation processes in various domains, including politics, religion, architecture, literature, linguistics and technology, in classical antiquity. The concept of “anchoring” refers to the many different ways in which people connect new developments and initiatives in these domains with the old, the familiar and traditional. Discourse-cohesion, intertextuality, memory studies, architectural transitions can be considered examples of ‘anchoring innovation’. To help us implement this research agenda we are currently looking for 4 PhD students and 4 postdocs:

Radboud University Nijmegen
1 PhD candidate Greek / Latin
1 PhD candidate Ancient History / Classical Archaeology
1 Postdoc Latin, 1.0 fte, 3 years
1 Postdoc Roman Archaeology, 1.0 fte, 3 years

University of Groningen
1 Postdoc Greek / Latin, 1.0 fte, 3 years
1 Postdoc Ancient History, 1.0 fte, 3 years

Leiden University
1 PhD candidate Latin

University of Amsterdam
1 PhD candidate Greek

For a full description of the inidividual projects and their requirements, see The deadline for submission of application to most of these projects is end of October, 2014.

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