Thursday 27 June 2019

Migration is Life - An Open Letter from the Rector of the University of Palermo

We would like to share with you an open letter issued by the University of Palermo:

"Migration is life.
The University of Palermo makes a plea to the Europe of Knowledge

Since it origin, the history of  humankind – the only living species that is not divided into biologically distinct groups – has been  characterised by migrations, cultural intertwining, and the construction of continuously changing identities. In an age of globalization, the ongoing migratory process, which has planetary reach, is destined to increase significantly, raising social, political, economic, religious, and ethical issues of the utmost importance which cannot be approached through slogans and unacceptable simplifications.
It is therefore necessary to create an area for both critical reflection and action, by drawing the attention of public opinion, educational institutions, and scholarly communities worldwide to the issues of human rights and dignity– with special regard to the rights of migrants – in an attempt to build a more inclusive and pluralistic society.
Such an ethical and scientific need lays at the heart of the “Appeal to the Europe of Knowledge” which was launched by  the University of Palermo at the end of the conference “Migrare” (Palermo, 20-22 May 2019). We believe that education is a cornerstone for achieving respect, valuing differences, and progressively reducing the level of economic and social inequality.
In fact, education is the only antidote to the language of hate and the rhetoric of fear which exploit human irrationality, deny the common humanity of all people, and do not recognize the centrality of human beings as holders of constitutionally sanctioned democratic rights.
We appeal to Universities, Cultural and Scientific Institutions, and Research Centres as we aim to establish and improve a network of people actively involved in the creation of knowledge and the constructive exchange of ideas.

With this purpose in mind, I invite you to share, sign, and circulate the above-mentioned appeal by filling in the form available at

Prof. Fabrizio Micari
Rector of the University of Palermo
Piazza Marina, 61
90133 - Palermo, Italy"

Thursday 13 June 2019


We would like to let you know about two job vacancies at Ghent University: 

"The Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University (Belgium) is seeking well-qualified applicants for two fully-funded and full-time doctoral research fellowships attached to the European Research Council Consolidator Grant project Novel Echoes. Ancient novelistic receptions and concepts of fiction in late antique and medieval secular narrative from East to West (for an abstract, see Its Principal Investigator is Prof Dr Koen De Temmerman, who specializes in ancient fiction and its persistence in later periods.
The two successful applicants will start employment between 1st October 2019 and 31st March 2020. In order to be eligible, candidates must have obtained their MA degree at the time of application or demonstrate that they will have that degree in hand by the start of their doctoral fellowship.
Within the ERC project, subprojects will be assigned to individual team members. For the current vacancies, these subprojects are situated in the following areas:
  • Position 1: Afterlives of one ancient novel (Latin or Greek) throughout Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages (e.g. in late antique epic, letter collections and/or historiography);
  • Position 2: Receptions of ancient fiction in the 10th century."
For more information, please follow this link.