Monday, 20 October 2014

Openings - Fellowships

Today´s news contains offers from two Universities, namely the University College Dublin as well as the Trinity College Dublin, to apply for Postdoctoral Fellowships funded by the Irish Research Council. The closing date for all applications is Thursday 27 November 2014. Furthermore, we would like to inform you of Franco Montanari´s election as Treasurer of CIPSH (Conseil International pour la Philosophie et les Sciences Humaines).
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The Irish Research Council has launched the 2015 round of its Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowships for all subject areas. The closing date for applications is Thursday 27 November 2014. Applications must be made in conjunction with a suitably qualified Academic Mentor at an Irish Higher Education Institution or Research Performing Organisation.

Please contact Dr Philip de Souza [ ] as soon as possible if you are interested in applying for a Fellowship through the School of Classics at University College Dublin.

These are the research interests of members of the UCD School of Classics:
Martin Brady: Augustan poetry, esp. Ovid, and the ancient epic tradition.
Joanna Day: Aegean Bronze Age and Classical archaeology, early ceramic technology, iconography, palaeoethnobotany and ancient gardens, eating and drinking in antiquity, sensory and experiential archaeology, ancient perfume.
Helen Dixon: transmission and reception of Latin literature, Latin palaeography, history of classical scholarship.
Aude Doody: Ancient Scientific and Medical Writing, Pliny the Elder, History of Encyclopaedism, Classical Reception, Ancient Technical Writing, Roman Historiography.
Philip de Souza: Greek and Roman political, social and economic history, esp. warfare, piracy and seafaring.
Michael Lloyd: Greek epic and drama; sociolinguistic approaches to Greek literature, esp. politeness theory; Irish versions of Greek tragedy.
Alexander Thein: Roman Archaeology, esp. the topography of the city of Rome; Roman Republican History, esp. the Sullan Dictatorship.
Theresa Urbainczyk: Ancient slavery, late antiquity, Byzantine historiography Further details at:

The fellowship schemes are outlined below. For the full terms and conditions go to:

The Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme provides funding across all disciplines for early-career researchers for periods of between one and two years. These Fellowships can be held for either: one year, in order to prepare a doctoral dissertation for publication through a variety of high quality published outputs e.g. monographs, peer-reviewed articles, edited volumes; or two years, in order to develop either a new research project or a research project that demonstrates a significant development of the subject of the doctorate through a variety of appropriate, feasible and clear published outputs.

These Fellowships are highly competitive and the UCD School of Classics will only support applications that have an excellent chance of success.

To be eligible to apply to the scheme, applicants must have been awarded their doctoral degree within the five-year period from 28th February 2010 to 28th February 2015 (see the terms and conditions for full details).

Applications will only be accepted through the electronic submission system, which will be launched on the IRC website in due course. All electronic applications must be submitted via the e-system following the relevant deadlines: 1. The deadline for applicants to the scheme is exactly 16.00 (GMT) on Thursday 27th  November 2014. 2. The deadline for referees and mentors is exactly 16.00 (GMT) on Thursday 4th December 2014. 3. The closing date for endorsement by the research office of the proposed host institution is exactly 16.00 (GMT) on Thursday 11th December 2014.


The Irish Research Council has launched its 2015 Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme, offering funding for 1- and 2-year postdoctoral research projects. For information, see

Ph.D. graduates interested in applying for an IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship through Trinity College Dublin should make contact with their intended Academic Mentor in the Department of Classics as soon as possible, keeping in mind that these applications require a significant amount of preparation and that internal vetting deadlines will fall before the IRC application deadline of 27th November 2014.

For the expertise available in TCD Classics see If you are unsure who to approach, please contact the Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning, Dr Martine Cuypers, at
The IRC's postgraduate scheme will be launched in November. For information about last year's scheme, see (fees at EU level, €16k stipend and research expenses for up to 4 years). If you are interested in applying to the IRC for Ph.D. study in Trinity College Dublin, please approach a potential supervisor in the Department of Classics to discuss your project and preparation.
For the range of postgraduate projects currently and recently supervised, see and For information about our Ph.D. programme, see www.histories-

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