Thursday, 2 October 2014

Postdoctoral fellowship, publishing, and a last-minute conference

Today’s news is an announcement of postdoctoral fellowships at the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, Princeton; a presentation of a new monograph series; and a last-minute invitation to join a conference in Finland. Let us start with the postdoctoral fellowships:
Dear colleagues,
Please help us circulate - and kindly bring to the attention of qualified candidates - the announcement of our postdoctoral research fellowships, 2015-16:
Almost one hundred (100) early-career scholars have been supported by our postdoctoral fellowships since the inception of this program in academic year 1992-93.  The overwhelming majority of our postdoctoral fellows have gone on to successful academic careers around the world.  
 Current and former recipients are listed in:
 Publications by former Hellenic Studies postdoctoral fellows, based on their research at Princeton:
 Many thanks in advance,
 Dimitri Gondicas
There is still a possibility to join the XXIII Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity
Tvärminne, Finland, 17–18 October 2014.
See the information below:
Conflict in Late Antiquity The XXIII Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity takes place on 17–18 October 2014. The theme of the symposium is “Conflict in Late Antiquity”. Our keynote speakers are Hagith Sivan (Department of History, University of Kansas), Petri Luomanen (Biblical Studies, University of Helsinki), Lucy Grig (School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh) and Antti Lampinen (Classics, University of Turku). Conflict will be approached from a wide perspective, including different types and levels of conflict and attempts at solving them. Points of view vary from political and military to cultural and religious conflicts between and within traditions. Please refer to the programme attached. 
Registration for the conference starts on September 1, 2014. In order to register as a participant for the seminar, please send an email to Ulla Tervahauta, ulla.tervahauta(at) Upon applying for participation, you are kindly asked to provide your contact information as well as to inform us about special diets etc. Please also mention if you do NOT need the coach transportation from Helsinki. The symposium will be organized in the premises of a zoological research station operated by the University of Helsinki at a beautiful location in Tvärminne on the southern coast of Finland ( The symposium is organised by an interdisciplinary organizing committee (see below) and funded by the Academy of Finland‘s Centre of Excellence “Reason and Religious Recognition”, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, and Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki. The seminar is free. We will offer transportation from Helsinki to Tvärminne and back, as well as accommodation in a shared room (2 persons), and meals in Tvärminne, but we are not able to cover the costs for travelling to or from Helsinki, or accommodation in Helsinki.
The organizing committee
- Maijastina Kahlos, PhD, Classics / “Reason and Religious Recognition”, University of Helsinki (
- Ulla Tervahauta ThD, Biblical Studies, University of Helsinki
- Ville Vuolanto, PhD, History, University of Tampere / University of Oslo (

And now for the monograph series: Danuta Schanzer has signed on as editor of a new series, "Society, Culture, and Text in Late Antiquity," published by Palgrave Macmillan. See the following invitation to publish in this series: 

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