Wednesday, 6 May 2015


This week´s entry contains two announcements. Firstly, we would like to make you aware of an offer to young foreign researchers by the University of Bologna: The Institute for Advanced Studies has initiated the selection procedure for the assignment of two annual scholarships (EARLY STAGE Research Fellowships) for the year 2016.
Please note that the deadline for submissions is the 30th of May 2015 (11.55pm). Read all the relevant information below:

Selection procedure
for the assignment of two annual scholarships for young foreign researchers (EARLY-STAGE Research Fellowships) for the year 2016
Submission of application: From April 15 to May 30, 2015 (Deadline 11.55 pm May 30, 2015)
Decree April 13, 2015, n.14

Art.1 - In accordance with its institutional aims, the ISA - Istituto di Studi Avanzati - intends to allocate two annual scholarships for young foreign researchers (Early-Stage Research Fellowships) for the year 2016.

Art.2 - Each Fellowship will be awarded to an early-career researcher in order to support the research activities of the University of Bologna and promote their international value.

Art.3 - The conditions of the Early-Stage Research Fellowship (ESRF) are as follows:
1. The candidate must receive an invitation from a Professor or Researcher at the University of Bologna, who will act as supervisor and will provide access to research facilities.
2. Each Fellow will receive an annual grant and will carry out his/her activity from January to December 2016.
3. The annual scholarship granted to a Fellow will amount to € 15,600 gross, i.e. before tax and social security contributions, which are to be paid by the recipient and the institution. The grant will be paid in installments every two months. The ESR Fellowship grant is exclusive and cannot be utilised in conjunction with or running parallel to other grants or contracts provided by the Italian government or other public bodies in Italy.

4. ISA offers to Fellows:
• a studio-apartment in the Residence Terzo Millennio (, via Miliani 7/2, Bologna. The residence is in the Borgo Panigale district, well-connected by public transport to the city center and to the University area (NOTE - the residence does not host minors);
• a common room equipped for study and reading located at Palazzo Paleotti, via Zamboni 25, which is in the heart of the University area.

5. Candidates:
• can be citizens of any nation except Italy and must not be resident in Italy;
• must be 36 years of age or younger at the expiration date of this announcement;
• must be in possession of a PhD degree or equivalent qualification certified by a university and achieved before the present deadline of the 30th May 2015.

6. The selection procedure will be based on publications, educational and professional qualifications and certificates of merit as well as the scientific project that the candidate proposes to carry out at the University of Bologna. Applications will be assessed by the Council of Resident Fellows of the Istituto di Studi Avanzati - external references may be requested.

7. Applications must be uploaded no later than May 30, 2015 at the following link: (, clicking the “Register” tab and following the instructions. The link can be also accessed from the ISA website  
The application must be accompanied by the following documents, which shall be uploaded:
I. curriculum vitae
II. list of publications
III. at least one letter of reference up to a maximum of three from a senior academic with knowledge of the candidate and his/her curriculum vitae
IV. a letter of invitation and written reference from the supervisor of the research project proposed by the candidate at the University of Bologna.

8. The ISA Council of Resident Fellows will prepare a merit list of candidates to be published on the Institute website within two months of the call deadline. The selection results will also be communicated to the winners.

9. The successful candidates must officially accept the Fellowship within 15 days of the date of communication of the assignment; at the time of acceptance, all official certification of academic qualifications declared in the application must also be submitted. In the event of a successful candidate who is due to receive his or her Ph.D. title after the call deadline, the related certification must be sent as soon as it is available and in any case before the start of the Fellowship.

10. Fellows will be required to: a. carry out research activities according to the plan submitted in their application and approved by the Professor or Researcher at the University of Bologna who is acting as supervisor/tutor
b. give a lesson/lecture related to their research
c. deliver a progress report (by July 15) and a final report (by December 31) on their research activities; reports are to be signed by the supervisor
d. accredit the Istituto di Studi Avanzati in any publications produced during their research activities at the University of Bologna.

11. Entry and residence in Italy of the Fellows will be regulated in accordance with Italian law and the ordinances of the local authorities. The Institute will confer injury and third-party liability coverage (RCT). ISA will provide the necessary documents to the Fellow and his/her Unibo proposer, who will then complete the procedure required to obtain a Visa.

12. The tax regime of the fellowship is calculated as income from employment; subject to the tax legislation in force, pursuant to art. 47 letter c) of Presidential Decree 917/86.

13. The ESR Fellowship does not confer the right to social security or national health service coverage. ESR Fellows are required to take out appropriate medical, accident and civic liability insurance, as established by University regulations. The Fellowship is not an employment contract; its sole purpose is to promote the cultural development and scientific progress of the Fellow.

Art. 4 - This notice of selection will be available at ( until the closing date of application.

Bologna, April 13, 2015

Director of the Istituto di Studi Avanzati Prof. Patrizia Brigidi

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