Tuesday, 17 May 2016


This week we would like to forward to you the most recent information on the project called “Epic Poetry Network”, which promises to facilitate research as well as international collaboration in the field of Graeco-Roman epic poetry. Since the benefits that accrue from such a network heavily rely on the contributions made by its members, we invite anyone working in the area of epic poetry to have a close look at its manifold functions and its considerable potential. Please read the full description below:

“The Epic Poetry Network (EPN) is an international network of research and teaching of Graeco-Roman epic poetry. It was founded in 2016 by Simone Finkmann and Christiane Reitz to bring together scholars working on epic poetry from Homer to Neo-Latin epic, to facilitate the exchange of information and collaborations between experts in this field and to encourage diachronic intertextual research.

The EPN hosts a subscribers list (mailinglist@epic-poetry-network.com) that allows members to circulate important information relating to Graeco-Roman epic poetry (from early Greek epic to Neo-Latin epic) such as calls for papers, new research projects, book and journal publications, research collaborations, as well as upcoming conferences, seminars, and workshops on epic poetry.

The website provides an overview of the latest developments in the different areas of teaching and research on Graeco-Roman epic (www.epic-poetry-network.com/news-and-announcements) and a list of recent publications (www.epic-poetry-network.com/recent-publications) as well as of current and upcoming projects (www.epic-poetry-network.com/research-projects).

Members can introduce their new projects (projects@epic-poetry-network.com) and keep the EPN list members and the public informed about their latest work (publications@epic-poetry-network.com).

  • Simone Finkmann (University of Rostock)
  • Christiane Reitz (University of Rostock)
  • Irene de Jong (University of Amsterdam)
  • William Dominik (University of Otago / Federal University of Bahia)
  • Sylvie Franchet d'Espèrey (Paris-Sorbonne University)
  • Marco Fucecchi (University of Udine)
  • Philip Hardie (University of Cambridge)
  • Stephen Harrison (University of Oxford)
  • Alison Keith (University of Toronto)
  • Helen Lovatt (University of Nottingham)
  • Damien Nelis (University of Geneva)
  • Florian Schaffenrath (University of Innsbruck)


Please note that the easiest way to register and to contribute to the network is to visit our website and use one of the online registration forms: http://www.epic-poetry-network.com/online-registration.
Alternatively, you can send us an email to one of the following e-mail addresses *(*these are not links, but simple e-mail addresses, no log-in required):

To register for the EPN subscribers list, please email: registration@epic-poetry-network.com
To register new publications, please email: publications@epic-poetry-network.com  
To make an announcement on the EPN website, please email: mailinglist@epic-poetry-network.com
To register a new project, please email the following information to projects@epic-poetry-network.com
  • Name
  • E-Mail
  • University Affiliation
  • Link
  • Collaborators
  • Project Title:
  • Status: a) Doctoral Candidate, b) Early Career Researcher, c) Senior Researcher
  • Brief Project Description +
For more information, please visit:    www.epic-poetry-network.com

Epic Poetry Network (EPN)
Dr Simone Finkmann
Tel. +49 (0)381 498-2779
Professor Christiane Reitz
Tel. +49 (0)381 498-2781

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