Thursday, 19 January 2017


Following up a recent discussion on the Classicists List we would like to provide you with a brief overview of regular online bloggers on Greek and Roman Classics. Please feel free to add more items in the comment section.

This news outlet of the R.E.A. (Revue des Études Anciennes) is dedicated to research in the field of Ancient History as well as Archaeology.

Classical Wisdom Weekly, a diverse American online blog.

Eidolon “is a home for scholarly writing about Classics that isn’t formal scholarship. Our goal is to create a platform for essays that have a strong authorial voice and a unique point of view.”

Minus Plato offers news on Classics as well as modern and contemporary art.

Oppida Imperii Romani will be helpful to those of you seeking a Spanish-language blog on Classical Archaeology.

Pour l’amour du Grec – à la découverte d'auteurs grecs anciens
A francophone blog offering excellent information on Ancient Greek culture and its reception.

Rogueclassicism describes itself as follows:

“rogueclassicism: 1. n. an abnormal state or condition resulting from the forced migration from a lengthy Classical education into a profoundly unClassical world; 2. n. a blog about Ancient Greece and Rome compiled by one so afflicted (v. "rogueclassicist"); 3. n. a Classics blog.”

Here is what Neville Morley, the author of The Sphinx blog, says about himself:
“Professor of Classics & Ancient History at the University of Exeter, UK, blogging in a personal capacity. Believed whoever it was who said that social media are the lecture theatres of tomorrow, and decided that they could also be the research seminars of tomorrow. Reception of Thucydides, pre-modern economic and social history, random thoughts about German literature and higher education, and occasional music.”

In case you would like to find out more about Classics on Twitter, you may see this convenient list.

On Facebook, you may consider joining groups such as Classics International and Quelliche leggono il Notiziario.  



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  7. The CREWS Project: working on writing systems, literacy and cultural relations in the ancient world.

  8. The French National Library launches an academic blog at hypothè, « L’Antiquité à la BnF »( It deals with the collections and current research at the French National Library. The blog provides insight into the richness and diversity of the material held on Antiquity, antics and Reception of Antiquity through books, artefacts (coins, statues, ceramics), manuscripts and papyri etc. The aim is also to promote the great variety of actions around these collections and the numerous researches led inside as well as outside its walls, both by librarians and academics with a special highlight on international cooperation. You have studied, lectured or published about the Library's collection? We may announce it on the blog. Would you wish to write an article for our blog? Please contact us at (french and english articles are welcome).

    (copied from the Classicist List; text posted by Vanessa Desclaux, Julien Olivier, Hélène Virenque
    Bibliothèque nationale de France)

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